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Retreat Your Way - Retreat Your Way

Retreat Your Way

Let go. Get clear. Feel free.

What is Retreat Your Way? 

Transformational, holistic, luxury retreats for body, mind and soul customized for your individual needs through powerful healing modalities, treatments and workshops and a strong dose of rest, relaxation and pampering.

Our mission is to give you a time out from daily life, routine, obligations so you can:

  • Give you time to focus on You, to reconnect with yourself and identify what you want and let go of what is holding you back.
  • Receive guidance, healing and nurturing.
  • Ease you through significant life transitions including facing a Crossroads, wanting to have a child and having a child.
  • Relax, refresh, rejuvenate on your own, with friends or romantic partner.

How does Retreat Your Way carry out its mission?

Powerful healing modalities, treatments and workshops with traditional local healers (Balinese, Chinese, Indian, Western and alternative medical therapies) from our beautiful locations and international therapists who have been carefully vetted and selected and may be otherwise difficult to find. Treatments are designed to help you relax and reconnect to replace confusion with clarity and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Give you a time out from daily obligations and routine, create the space to “be” and focus on yourself, have some fun, let someone else make the decisions to help you reconnect and empower.

Leave all your stress behind. Nadia, your retreat guide will conduct an initial consultation to figure out where you’re at, what you need and design a retreat that fits your needs. She will be on-hand to assist and guide you for the duration of the retreat. Many of our visitors come to us with decision fatigue. We are here to relieve you of this burden.

Select an option that suits you:

  • Book one of our Signature Retreats below for individuals, friends, couples and families (7 days).
  • Request a Private Custom Retreat, curated for your unique needs for individuals, friends, couples or families (4, 7 or 10 days).
  • Join a transformational Group Retreat (dates for 2016/2017 to be announced).

Who can attend?

Individuals, friends, couples, families.

Who should join RYW retreat?

Do you need a time out from your life?

Is it difficult for you to identify what you truly want?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself, from those around you?

Are you feeling exhausted and run down by daily routine and obligations?

Are you at a significant life transition? Are you at a Crossroads?

Do you want to have a child on your own or in an unconventional arrangement?

Are you pre-natal or post-natal and searching for a retreat that accommodates your specific needs?

Are you searching for a holistic retreat for yourself or to experience with friends or romantic partner?

Do you need to accommodate children?


For 2016 and 2017, Retreat Your Way will hold retreats in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our mission is for you to take on absolutely no stress. Many of our visitors come to us with decision fatigue. We are here to relieve you of this burden. Prior to your arrival, after a brief consultation, a program will be designed for you according to your needs by Nadia, your retreat curator and guide. She will be on-hand to assist and guide you for the duration of your stay with us and after.

Ubud, Bali 

All of Ubud is your resort and retreat center. Natural beauty, rich and spiritual culture will welcome you. Ubud is a sanctuary of tasty and nutritional dining pleasures. You will most certainly want to try the numerous options and spend time enjoying your meals in the beautiful surroundings. Your accommodation will be provided to suit your budget – this can range from luxury private villas to comfortable guesthouses. We are happy to accommodate couples, families and groups. Children are welcome.


All treatments and therapies are provided by local Balinese healers or touring international therapists. Ubud is a hub for alternative medicine practitioners. Experienced international therapists tour South Asia and periodically hold workshops and provide treatments in Ubud. Some therapies will therefore be subject to availability. All treatments have been experienced by RYW guides to ensure that we are able to advise knowledgably. Most treatments are not available on other website or tour operators. We have built up our relationships with practitioners over many years.

Homeopathy Consultation
Ayurvedic Consultation and Treatments
Sound Healing Session
Somalogy (body movement)
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Enneagram Session (study of your personality archetype)
Consultation with Nutritionist
Neuro-linguistic Programming Session

Balinese Healers
Steam, hot & cold pools in natural cave grotto
Chi Nei Tsang
Thai Osteopathy
Gua Sha
Traditional Balinese massage
Breathe and body work


Take a look at our Signature Accommodation, Mana Villa (www.ubudmana.com). You will be hosted in a luxurious villa at Ubud Mana, Mana Hill or comparable accommodations.


For those seeking powerful transformation in a leisure-style retreat, Retreat Your Way offers the perfect balance of relaxation, luxury, local color, and traditional and alternative healing in a five star package.

PRICE: Retreat Packages start from $US1,295.

Contact us and we can discuss what works for you.


You deserve to rest, relax and heal.
Book one of our: (1) Signature Retreats;  (2) request a Private Custom Retreat, curated for your individual needs; or (3) join a transformational Group Retreat. We’re ready to take care of you.